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“The doctor who treats trauma patients must be proficient in both treatment and testimony.”

“A physician is obligated to consider more than the disease organ, more than the whole person; the physician must view patients in their world.”

Our physicians are experts in the management of trauma and work-related injuries. In addition, we are prepared to provide credible presentations in the form of medical narrative reports, depositions and testimony if needed.

We have learned that a “credible presentation” requires:

  • Credentials
  • Documentation and Facts
  • Professional Speaking Qualities
  • Supportive Research
  • Illustrations and Model

Our physicians have credentials and experience to place them at the top of their profession. Backed by the latest journals, supportive research and excellent speaking abilities, our doctors present case facts utilizing illustrations and models for jury understanding and acceptance. When preparing medical testimony, we organize the patient’s file for efficient information retrieval. We know the importance of being prepared when being examined and are not intimidated by insurance experts.


Recovery depends on a corrective diagnosis and properly administered treatment. Trauma accidents require advanced, state of the art equipment, and qualified, trained staff to diagnose the extent of injuries. New patients will be greeted by our friendly staff who will explain all the paperwork and assist them in writing a complete medical history. They will then undergo a examination by one of our highly trained physicians followed by a report of findings to explain all injuries and treatment recommendations.


  • Same day appointments. Early morning and Late evening appointments. We also have emergency office hours available to new patients and those in severe pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Thorough and comprehensive consultation, examination, and x-ray facility.
  • Safe, effective care.
  • State of the art diagnostics.
  • Referrals when necessary.
  • Outstanding service, along with a friendly, courteous environment and caring staff.