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Why choose Nova Pain & Rehab?

At NOVA Pain and Rehab Center, our goal is to provide you with lasting pain relief and restoring you to good health through chiropractic, functional rehabilitation and massage therapy, along with hands on education all in one facility.

Our first objective is to examine and determine the level of each patient’s injury as well as any restrictions and limitations that may be present in activities of daily living. Then through specific functional treatment and a targeted treatment program, we will work to fix the problem as well as improving your flexibility, joint mobility and core body stability.

We utilize the latest in technology to help determine where and why you are having your pain. We incorporate an active rehabilitation program from the start of your care, making the exercises both functional for everyday activity and easy to perform at home.

Our goal with every patient is achieve a faster and longer lasting recovery. This 360° approach gives our patients the absolute best outcome in the shortest period of time.

A unique approach to each case

Your experience with pain is different than anyone else’s, so your treatment must be unique as well. Not all patients will require a comprehensive pain program. Depending on the extent and nature of the pain problem, some patients may do very well with limited specific treatments; others may require a more comprehensive treatment approach. Many experience significant relief, or are pain free after the first few visits.

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