Chiropractic • Physical Therapy • Athletic Training

Although functional rehabilitation in the general athletic and fitness industry is a relatively new mainstream concept, professional athletes have long understood the benefits that increased strength, balance, stability, flexibility and endurance can bring to their game.

At Cross Functional Rehab Specialists, our first objective is to examine and determine an athlete’s functional limitations and restrictions. Then through specific functional treatment and a targeted rehabilitation program we will improve the athlete’s flexibility, joint mobility and core body strength as well as addressing any pre-existing injuries.

What makes our program unique is that we combine the specialty of chiropractic, physical therapy and strength and conditioning along with hands on education all in one facility. This allows us to not only improve the athlete’s strength, flexibility and endurance but also in most cases eliminate any previous pain or limitations due to injury. This 360° approach gives our patients the absolute best outcome in the shortest period of time.

Cross Functional Rehab Specialists work with each individual athlete to create a program specifically designed for their special needs and goals. Our passion is to make the average athlete a great athlete!