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If you suffer from persistent pain due to a slow healing joint, ligament or cartilageinjury, PRP might be the answer for you. Our practice is one of the few offices in the area that successfully employ cutting edge regenerative therapies. Simply stated, we use your body’s own platelets and stem cells to accelerate the healing process of damaged tissue. The stem cells help to re-grow cartilage and tissue, replacing what age, injury and degeneration has destroyed.

How does it work?  The body’s first response to a soft tissue injury is to deliver platelet cells. Platelet cells initiate repair and attract the critical assistance of stem cells. Regenerative therapies help the body heal itself by delivering a highly concentrated amount platelets to the injured area. These platelets are derived from small amount of your own blood (similar to a lab test sample) and placed in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds, separating the platelets from the other components. These platelets are further refined and concentrated depending on their specific use. The concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into and around the point of injury, jump-starting and significantly strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities. Because your own blood is used, there is no risk of a transmissible infection and a very low risk of allergic reaction.

Common injuries we treat include:

  • Meniscus Tears
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Muscle Strains
  • Tennis Elbows
  • Achilles Tendonosis
  • Tendinitis
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bursitis

What kind of results can I expect?

Unlike a typical injection that is done for pain relief, regenerative therapies do not immediately relieve pain. Our goal is to heal the affected area long term. Improvement may be seen within a few weeks, and will increase as the healing progresses. Research studies and clinical practice have shown regenerative therapies like PRP are very effective at promoting healing, relieving pain and returning patients to their normal lives. Both ultrasound and MRI images have shown definitive tissue repair after PRP therapy, confirming the healing process. The need for surgery can also be greatly reduced by treating injured tissues before the damage progresses and the condition is irreversible.

What is the cost? Is it covered by my insurance company?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this kind of treatment. Even though stem cell technology has come light years in the recent past, it is still considered “experimental”, thus is not covered by any insurance. The average cost of a PRP treatment is $1000 – $1200. Your cost at NOVA is only $500 as it is part of our patients treatment. Each follow up shot is $250.